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EXCELLENCE Academy is the heart of our organisation where our employees are trained, coached and given the opportunity to develop into fully fledged security officers who are ready to provide the best service in terms of security. It is also a meeting place where all our security officers can share their knowledge.


EXCELLENCE Academy is a knowledge centre where all the information comes together. Every month, all the information received from our managers, employees, clients and partners is compiled in a news bulletin, so that everyone is aware of the latest developments. Information from our international branches is also analysed here in the Netherlands and vice versa. Thieves, vandals and disruptive elements usually display the same patterns in their methods. Issues like arrests, fire reports and burglary are analysed and discussed immediately in order to prevent them happening in the future.


Not qualified yet?

To work in security, you must be at least 18. No diploma? Don’t worry. As an unqualified security officer, you perform the same tasks under supervision as a qualified security officer. At the same time, you can study for the Security officer 2 diploma. For the theoretical part, you attend any training institute, while you gain practical experience at EXCELLENCE Security.


We have noticed an increasing need among clients for proactive, client and service-oriented security officers. EXCELLENCE Academy offers training programmes tailored to our clients’ needs, focusing on supervision and security. We offer our employees the following training programmes:

  • Security Plus (secondary vocational education (mbo) level 2)
  • Security Top (secondary vocational education (mbo) level 3)
  • Conflict management
  • Dealing with aggression
  • Management and communication training


The programmes are very practically oriented, enabling our security officers to immediately put their new knowledge into practice. They are mentored by a teacher, coach or practice supervisor. We offer growth opportunities in our organisation and encourage all our security officers to develop their potential. This not only benefits our employees, it also works in the favour of our clients, who are assured of trustworthy and professional security officers.


Again the client has priority at EXCELLENCE Security.


Are you looking for a challenging job in security and are you keen to develop your potential?


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