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Security involves people. EXCELLENCE Security sets the bar high for its employees. In everything we do relating to the security of people, buildings, objects and processes, our employees are therefore our priority. After all our employees are also our business card. Every day, they represent our basic values. Not just because we require this of them, but because they take it for granted.


Making your passion your work
Through their knowledge, experience and huge commitment, they make a difference every day. We realise that our employees are asked to bear great responsibility, but it is important that they enjoy their work too.


We look after our employees
As an employer, we do everything we can to optimally support our employees in their work. For example, we want our employees to develop with us. We therefore offer training and opportunities for growth. We also have a wide range of fringe benefits and we ensure that our employees receive expert help if they encounter problems.


What do we offer?
If you are the security officer we’re looking for, we offer you a part-time or a full-time contract, depending on your wishes and situation. With us, you can be assured of an above-average salary, attractive fringe benefits and participation in a collective pension and insurance scheme.


The conditions
To work in security, you must be at least 18. No diploma? Don’t worry. As an unqualified security officer, you perform the same tasks under supervision as a qualified security officer. At the same time, you can study for the Security officer 2 diploma. For the theoretical part, you attend any training institute, while you gain practical experience at EXCELLENCE Security. For more information, contact EXCELLENCE Academy.


We offer opportunities to grow in our organisation and we encourage all our security officers to develop themselves further. You can follow training programmes and during your study you can obtain plenty of practical experience. We don’t learn alone, but together. At EXCELLENCE Security, you will be given the chance to become a security specialist. For more information, see EXCELLENCE Academy.


Have you got what it takes?
We’re always looking for people who share our sense of integrity. People who enjoy serving others. Do you have what it takes to join us? Do you regard safeguarding security, law and order as a challenge? And do you want a responsible job?


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