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Investigation is an important branch in the security sector. Big organisations and even small companies run the risk of being confronted with internal and external criminality. This can seriously disrupt the businesses processes, with many negative consequences. EXCELLENCE Investigation advises and helps you trace and tackle this undesired influences.


EXCELLENCE Investigation office

The investigators at EXCELLENCE Security conduct tactical and technical investigations into unauthorised actions in or against companies, government, semi-government organisations and private persons. We deliver innovative and high quality explorative work and conduct all investigations with the greatest possible care in compliance with statutory regulations.


Our investigators
Our investigators are experienced in dealing with the police and other investigative agencies. We supply professionals who are trained to uncover the truth in a responsible manner. They investigate people, companies, situations and events, using legal, efficient and relevant resources.


If you decide to commission EXCELLENCE Investigation to carry out an investigation, you can be assured of results. We apply a systematic approach starting with a personal interview with you to discuss the details of the case and establish the framework of the investigation. This gives our investigators insight into the nature of the problem.


Investigation services
We can offer you a wide range of services including:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Theft investigation
  • Embezzlement investigation
  • Personnel searching
  • Digital investigation (storage of information, digital tracks)
  • Mystery shopping
  • Observation services


All information acquired during an investigation is subject to professional secrecy rules. You can be assured that any information we uncover will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. EXCELLENCE Investigation guarantees the strictest confidentiality, keeping the client discretely up to date with the progress and results of the investigation. After completing the investigation, the client receives a full report including all evidence which could be relevant for any subsequent legal action.


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