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Our vision
EXCELLENCE Security wants to be your partner with regard to security and security solutions. As such, we apply “Excellence” to all aspects of our business operations. We accept our social responsibility by considering both our immediate surroundings and the environment. We also try to be as transparent as possible, for our own employees and our partners.


At EXCELLENCE Security, we are always personal. We attract attention because we deliver constant quality with our unique assortment. What we deliver is easy to enforce and perfectly managed, which is why we have become synonymous with quality in our branch.


Through a leading position in our markets, we want to be a pioneer in the security market rather than follow others. Our aim is to exploit our potential and stimulate people’s creativity. We want to optimise our service to respond to current and future demand. The high quality service of EXCELLENCE Security thus clearly supplements and adds value to your organisation.


Our Mission Statement
The mission of EXCELLENCE Security is to secure people, buildings, objects and processes. We want to improve the general image of security and distinguish ourselves in the security branch. We achieve this by delivering constant quality by using highly trained and competent employees and high quality tools. On-going internal development is vital if we are to optimally meet our clients’ needs with regard to quality, capacity and flexibility.

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