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Security involves people. The strength of our organisation is determined by guaranteed quality and continuous innovation. This is initially performed by our employees. Our security officers are all trained pursuant to the latest statutory requirements. But that’s not all.


Our security professionals
EXCELLENCE Security is an organisation whose employees are aware of their contribution to the company and its position in society. Our employees know their place, but are willing to express their opinion. They also possess essential knowledge and skills to manage aggression, communicate, prevent theft, report and use his/her authorisations. In an emergency situation, our employees can respond fast and well, keeping the situation under control.


Code of conduct
We have a code of conduct to which all employees must adhere in order to protect the client’s privacy. On joining the company, all employees sign a confidentiality agreement and a declaration of intent concerning integrity.


We ensure that all our employees are recognisable and presentable. The EXCELLENCE Security uniform consists of a dark grey suit, white shirt and a striped dark blue/light blue/grey tie. The suit features our company name with a security pin and not only ensures that our security officers are clearly visible, but wearing it also has a deterrent value.


Compulsory training for employees
As mentioned earlier, EXCELLENCE Security uses advanced techniques and systems. Nevertheless, security involves people. Employees of EXCELLENCE Security are therefore always qualified, experienced, professional and motivated. Of course all our employees are extensively screened. We constantly encourage our employees to go on training programmes which meet our clients’ needs, thus adding to their qualifications and giving them more knowledge and self-confidence.


To summarise: our security professionals are trustworthy, respectful, discrete but decisive and helpful.


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