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About the logo of EXCELLENCE Security
EXCELLENCE not only means outstanding. It can also be interpreted as a talent or a quality which is special or above the general standard.


The logo has two faces:

  • On the one hand, it is the crown representing the word EXCELLENCE. Brilliant security solutions and services which can be regarded as the general standard. Trustworthy, service-oriented, committed and flexible.
  • On the other hand are the three people. The client is king at EXCELLENCE Security and is in the centre. On the right, the management team is at the client’s disposal. On the left, the operational employees are ready to provide their service 24/7.


These three elements form the basis for EXCELLENCE Security. This was laid in 2002 and is the foundation of the company’s success in 2013. This includes our policy, our structure, strategy, culture, core values, governance code and general regulations, partners, financial solidity, office buildings, company cars and all the other technical resources.

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