The management of EXCELLENCE Security is aware of its role in society and the corporate social responsibility that this involves. Within this framework, we strive to ensure continuity for our clients and employees. As an organisation, we follow statutory requirements with regard to general regulations in the private security sector and we take into account the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO).


EXCELLENCE Security contributes to its employees’ personal development by enabling them to go on training programmes. We are also committed to minimising our impact on the environment.


Governance code
A good governance code explains what an organisation stands for, its values and principles. Our governance code is a mirror which EXCELLENCE Security can hold up, but by which the organisation can also be held accountable. That’s why EXCELLENCE Security has a governance code which reflects the accepted norms and values in the organisation.


The basis of our work with respect to corporate social responsibility is incorporated in our governance code. This is a code of conduct which supports and promotes the standards at EXCELLENCE Security. Our core values are leading in this. On joining the company, all our employees are given a copy of the code. This helps them deal with any integrity issues and dilemmas.


  • A pioneering social policy (equal opportunities for all and respect for human rights);
  • A preventive absenteeism policy (good health and security for employees);
  • An active training policy (development of personal qualities through training programmes provided by the EXCELLENCE Academy);
  • As a recognised teaching company, we make work placements available every year to pupils and students from secondary vocational (MBO) and higher professional (HBO) education programmes.

  • Sustainability (sustainable energy, digital storage of documents).
  • Separate waste flows;
  • We take into account the work location where possible, (employees are posted as close to home as possible);
  • Travel by public transport is encouraged;
  • Company cars at EXCELLENCE Security have energy-efficient diesel or hybrid engines.


For EXCELLENCE Security, sustainable enterprise means taking decisions which will achieve better returns as well as improve the environment and wellbeing of employees and society. These are activities which go a step further than required by law, but which are implemented on the basis of social commitment and a future-oriented vision.

  • EXCELLENCE Security strives to minimise the effect of its activities on resources for future generations;
  • EXCELLENCE Security strives to optimise its use of sustainable materials and materials which can be re-used;
  • We limit our energy consumption and apply environmentally friendly techniques in our company;
  • In close consultation with our clients and business partners, we always strive to achieve the most sustainable solution;
  • EXCELLENCE Security strives to find the most suitable innovation to optimally respond to the client’s wishes. Where possible, we will highlight sustainable solutions which have the least negative impact on the environment;
  • In order to promote long-term relationships with our business partners and clients and ensure sufficient development opportunities for our personnel, we also aim at improving the sustainability of our profitability. In this way, we safeguard the continuity of our company.


Our CSR policy is at the heart of our governance code and is communicated to all the stakeholders. In the future, EXCELLENCE Security will continue to reduce its impact on the environment by accepting its corporate social responsibility. We would like to invite you to join us in working for a better and cleaner world.

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