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Many organisations don’t think about their past. However, we attach great value to our business history and regularly reflect on our decisions. This is important because past events always affect present decisions. These in turn determine the future.


EXCELLENCE Security was founded in 2002 by security experts with an alternative view of security. The founders are experienced in the financial service sector and in private security at management level. After years of experience as managers in private security, they felt it was time to put the client at the heart of the service of a security company. Straightforwardness, reliability and flexibility were then the most important pillars. They were also committed to the client and at their disposal 24/7 to provide possible emergency cover or extra services.


The organisation’s success was determined by the flexibility and academic level of the founders. Besides their Higher Professional Education, they are also experts in integral security. So these aren’t people from a random sector who saw a gap in the market, but experienced security experts who have built their business through hard work.


EXCELLENCE Security in 2016
In 2016, EXCELLENCE Security celebrated thirteen years in business. Today it is a successful specialist in retail, healthcare and object security. From the start, the founders had a long-term vision for the organisation to become one of the main players in the Dutch security market. In 2013, they have achieved their goal and are also expanding on the European market.


Thanks to hard work, word-of-mouth advertising and targeted marketing, what started as a small company is now a large, established concern. In the history of the company, recommendations from our clients have been vital marketing strategies. Through our personal and targeted market approach, EXCELLENCE Security has become a partner of many organisations in different branches in both the private and the public sector. Our full service security solutions are applied in shops, shopping centres, healthcare institutions, offices, banks and government buildings.


EXCELLENCE Security also has a branch in Germany and one in Belgium. In these European markets too, our hard work, broad experience, vision and mission, integrity, core values and highly trained employees will enable us to provide the best security and security solutions.

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