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The specialists in retail, healthcare and object security.


EXCELLENCE Security is your partner in retail, healthcare and object security. All over the Netherlands, our employees offer specific solutions to safeguard the security of people and companies. EXCELLENCE Security invests in innovation and the latest techniques aimed at further professionalisation in the field of security. We want to offer clients a package of integrated security services. While we manage their security issues, they can focus on their own core processes.


EXCELLENCE Security stands for security
Clients who outsource their security to EXCELLENCE Security are assured of a trustworthy and reliable partner in security. Our management team and specialised security officers are ready to provide the best service in the field of security. With our innovative techniques and highly trained employees, we can act effectively and efficiently at any time of the day or night. We are visible where essential and invisible where necessary.


Our unique approach
EXCELLENCE Security is a security company which identifies with your organisation. Rather than you adapting to us, we adapt to you. Our employees understand your wishes and are good at their job. Our horizontal organisation guarantees fast service and a rapid solution to your problem. EXCELLENCE Security is distinguished by its focus on retail, healthcare and object security. We are also renowned for our targeted approach and sense of responsibility.

Through our open and transparent service and our close partnerships with our clients, we promote a relationship of trust. By continuously measuring and adjusting the quality and results of our work, we make our service increasingly professional. In this way, we obtain insight into changing needs and wishes. By providing a good response, we can keep our promises and constantly improve our service.


In short, we are good at what we do. Over the years, we have become very knowledgeable about these market segments in the security market.
This benefits our clients: security with added value.


Interested in how EXCELLENCE Security can help you? Feel free to call or mail us, free of obligation. We will then explain how we can help you. For contact details, offices and to request a Security Scan or quote, click on contact

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