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Since its foundation in 2002, EXCELLENCE Security has become one of the fastest growing security organisations in the Netherlands and one of the most important players on the Dutch private security market. We now compete with the biggest international security companies which have been operational for decades. To achieve this, EXCELLENCE Security has made substantial investments in innovation, personnel (Human Resource Management) and training in recent years.


Our specialist approach, focus on retail, healthcare and object security and the continuous improvement and professionalisation of our services have resulted in long-term partnerships with multinationals operating at European and international level.


The steady internationalisation of business operations means that clients need European services. Thirteen years later, our results and success in the Netherlands have not remained unnoticed. In response to growth among our clients and their need for the professional services of EXCELLENCE Security, we entered the international market on 1 January 2013.


Our new markets are based in Belgium and Germany. Here we use our experience, vision, focus, integrity and professionalism to deliver the same successful services as in the Netherlands, taking into account the local culture, norms and values.


By combining the strengths of our offices in these European countries, EXCELLENCE Security offers even more service and support to clients operating all over Europe. Scale, smart partnerships, sharing knowledge and experience and central purchasing ensure optimal quality and efficiency.


EXCELLENCE Security international. Leading in security.

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