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Healthcare institutions are often very big and complex objects with lots of comings and goings, in terms of people and commodities. Patient turnover is high and many different visitors enter the building every day. Besides ordinary patients, prisoners may be admitted for treatment, while aggressive patients can sometimes hinder the work of your staff. It is also important to keep patient files, drugs and (medical) equipment) away from unauthorised persons.


In order to be able to guarantee the security of your staff, patients and visitors, it is vital to know who visits your institution. From experience we have learned that general object security cannot be applied to a healthcare institution. This was a good reason for us to devote extra attention to this unique form of object security.


EXCELLENCE Security offers healthcare institutions a total solution in the field of safety and security
In consultation with a number of experts from renowned healthcare institutions, the security advisors of EXCELLENCE Security have developed their own security concept specifically for the healthcare sector. We analyse the security problem and propose a total solution aimed at optimising security inside and around the building.


You can also use our reception services. Our hosts and hostesses not only contribute to the security, but can also support the technical services and welcome guests. We also offer you the opportunity to train and advise your employees on security issues. The ultimate aim is to create a situation in which there is an optimal sense of security. EXCELLENCE Security currently provides security services for several hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and mental health institutions.


Our healthcare security officers: specialised security officers
The healthcare security officers at EXCELLENCE Security have followed a special training programme which enables them to assess any situation and act accordingly. They also have First Aid diplomas and have completed an Emergency Response Team course. All our officers are widely deployable and know how to respond to certain emotions among patients and visitors. In the event of emergencies, our healthcare security officers can respond fast and effectively to keep the situation under control.


Our healthcare security officers mainly focus on service and hospitality, but are fully aware of the risks and the possible incidents which can arise in a healthcare institution. Thanks to the preventive and repressive monitoring of our healthcare security officers, the security of your object with its residents and visitors is guaranteed.


In short, EXCELLENCE Security guarantees optimal security in healthcare.
Again our references speak for themselves.


Are you interested in a total solution for your healthcare institution? If so, please contact us. Together we will explore the options for your healthcare institution through a Security Scan.

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