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Security is all about people. People working in teams to tackle theft and vandalism have more chance of success. It is important to train your personnel so that they can take the right approach to dealing with shoplifting. EXCELLENCE Academy provides training for store personnel aimed at giving them the basic knowledge they need to recognise and tackle shoplifting.


Our prevention coaches
A team of experienced EXCELLENCE retail security officers have followed an internal training programme as prevention coach and are therefore qualified to train others. Our prevention coaches teach your sales employees and managers how to act independently. In addition, they are given all kinds of practical tips which can help them do their work to the best of their ability. The emphasis here is on early detection, acting and reporting.


The aim is to highlight the essence of security
Subjects addressed during the training include: explanation about the essence of retail security, enforcement of law and order, prevention of shoplifting, vandalism, loss and raid situations and dealing with fire and bomb alerts. An added bonus of this service is that internal theft also declines.


The personnel training programme is free for our clients
The training programmes are provided free of charge and planned in consultation with the management. Training will probably take place in the evening and takes around one and half hours. We advise our clients to take advantage of this service once a year to optimise store security and update your knowledge.


Personnel control
You may also include a bag and locker check in the service. This is performed by a security employee after it has been announced by the management. The announcement of a bag or locker check is delayed until the last moment to prevent any suspects being able to dispose any evidence. Bag checks can be carried out either daily or weekly.

Staff locker checks take place at the end of the working day by a security employee. This is usually performed monthly or quarterly and takes into account any specific requirements and/or wishes, subject to legal permissibility. These checks are always carried out in the presence of the management and with the necessary discretion. They provide a good deterrent and help reduce internal theft.


Mystery shopping
To complete our service, we offer our clients a mystery shopping service. Mystery shopping monitors the actual behaviour of employees during their normal work. This usually concerns their behaviour relating to:

  • Customer friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • A proactive approach to clients
  • Demonstrating expertise
  • Sales skills
  • Compliance with instructions, rules and procedures


Mystery shopping is performed by trained and experienced mystery shoppers who visit your shops to measure the quality of the service. What makes our mystery shoppers unique is that they also monitor our security officers. After the visit, our mystery shopper reports his/her findings from the client’s perspective based on an existing checklist. The result is a comprehensive visit report. We discuss the results with you and implement improvements where necessary.


Are you interested in our retail services? If so, please contact us. Together we will explore the options for your organisation through a Security Scan. For more information about our training programmes, visit EXCELLENCE Academy.

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