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Retailers usually hold a sale twice a year. There are also the days before Christmas when the public are out in force for their Christmas shopping. The period around the festive season up to the first week in January is an extra busy time with potentially more problems and shoplifting.

EXCELLENCE Security has developed effective measures to manage this situation and through our expertise we can recognise and keep criminals out of your shops. Our security officers also support your personnel and advise them what to look out for. We can also help during a refurbishment or restyling of your shops. We will ensure minimum disruption of your sales process.


EXCELLENCE Security works closely with its partners to guarantee your security
A great advantage for the retailers who work with us is our close cooperation with municipalities and the police all over the Netherlands. In consultation with municipal authorities, EXCELLENCE Security provides security officers to monitor the situation in various town centres and shopping malls. The main aim is to provide a deterrent in various districts to prevent burglaries, raids and muggings. These are the main focuses of the municipality, Public Prosecutions and the police during the busy festive season.


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If you need extra security, our team of specialists is ready to offer you the best service 24/7. We have sufficient capacity in house to support any last minute staffing needs.


Do you need a reliable partner to see you through busy times? Do you need extra staff and expertise? If so, please contact us. Together we will explore the options for your organisation through a Security Scan.

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