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Every retailer has had to deal with store criminality at some time or other, some on a daily basis. This may involve the shopping public or their own employees. It costs time and money. EXCELLENCE Security takes control, enabling you to devote more time and energy to your own organisation. Fast response, problem analysis and devising solutions are what the modern client requires us to do. We know the situation in your shop and we can offer tailored security solutions.

Our joint goal in retail security is: reduce losses and create a safe shop environment. Hence our motto: One team, one task!


EXCELLENCE Security specialises in retail security
In recent years, retail security has become a real specialist area for EXCELLENCE Security. Based on our experience and expertise, we have become one of the most important players in the retail security market. Our security services are unique, which means that we operate all over the country. Internal research has shown that using our retail security officers not only increases the sense of security, but also substantially and demonstratively reduces losses.


Our retail security officers: professionals on the shop floor
We feel that prevention is better than the cure. There is a need for optimal and effective retail security and high level services aimed at preventing theft and fire and guaranteeing complete security. The presence of our retail security officers acts as a deterrent. They are visible at all times, without negatively impacting on your business operations. They intervene in the event of emergencies or shoplifting and manage reporting to the police. Besides their security qualification, our security officers have all successfully participated in ‘Conflict management’ and ‘Managing aggression’ programmes.


Retail security on three levels

At EXCELLENCE Security, you can choose three levels of retail security:


Static retail security

Retailers faced with problem customers or shoplifting can use our regular security guard services. Here our retail security officers are constantly in attendance to prevent problems and they can intervene in any type of emergency. They enhance the sense of security in your shop and their presence acts as a deterrent. Together with one of our prevention coaches, our retail security officers can coach and train your employees. In a team context, we are better able to reduce lost revenue and deter criminals. We also carry out periodical quality controls, after which you will receive a management report and advice.


Our joint goal: optimal loss reduction, but above all the creation of a safe shopping climate!

Collective retail security

Together with neighbouring retailers, you might choose collective retail security (patrol service), which involves one security officer being responsible for the security of several shops at the same time. Our retail security officer is then available at any time for the participants and can be on site in minutes. In consultation, a rota is drawn up that is only known to the management (to tackle internal shoplifting too). Besides being present at regular times, such as the opening or closing of your shop, they can randomly visit your shop so that criminals have no chance. Our retail security officer(s) can also be called on at any time in the event of emergencies.


The collective retail security of EXCELLENCE Security means that your shop will be secure for relatively low costs and will be consistently monitored in combination with the random presence of our retail security officers.

Intervention team & prevention coach

Some criminals operate by moving swiftly from one shop to another. EXCELLENCE Security has an intervention team of experts who do more than mere surveillance. This is a mobile team of non-uniformed security officers tasked with stopping multiple offenders and mobile criminality. They can also conduct internal investigations to tackle fraud and theft among the employees of an organisation.


You can also take a completely different approach, by training your own personnel on how to manage shoplifting. Our prevention coaches can also train your personnel to recognise shoplifters in time, teach preventive skills to sales assistants and managers on the shop floor and encourage them to act independently. One benefit is that training your own personnel improves the general sense of security and reduces the amount of internal theft. For more information, contact Personnel training & control.


With these three service levels, we offer a tailored solution for every specific need of our clients. Optimal security in and around your shops is guaranteed. All our services include a 0 measurement, plan of approach, advice, report and periodical quality controls. We can put together a package of services that seamlessly meets the needs of any retailer.


In short, EXCELLENCE Security is the ideal partner in retail security.
Our references confirm this.


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