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In many places, rising criminality and cuts are already leading to extensive cooperation between police, government organisations and EXCELLENCE Security. All over the country, we work closely with local municipalities, police, fire and ambulance services to safeguard the security of shops, shopping centres, healthcare institutions, objects and business sites.


Why EXCELLENCE Security?
EXCELLENCE Security is a specialist in retail, healthcare and object security. We have years of experience in safeguarding the security of town centres, shopping malls and shopping streets. We are therefore also very involved with security on the street. EXCELLENCE Security knows all the problems related to youth, environmental violations, area supervision and disruption in shopping areas. The campaign during the festive season is a good example of this.


Our supervisors and prevention coaches
You can be assured of suitable advice from our supervisors and prevention coaches. They have a correcting role and make an important contribution to the security and quality of life in your municipality. They help guarantee a clean, pleasant and safe environment.

The supervisors of EXCELLENCE Security are motivated, carefully screened and have all the relevant qualifications.


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We supply the professionals, but you decide what they do. As a municipality, you can thus control your own supervision and enforcement policy.


In short, for supervision and enforcement in the public domain, you can call on the professionals of EXCELLENCE Security.


Interested in what our supervisors and prevention coaches can do for your municipality? If so, please contact us. Together we will explore the options for your municipality through a Security Scan.

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