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For organisations planning an event, it’s important to exclude all the disruptive elements, incidents and calamities. Professional security can deal with the majority of these undesirable elements. To ensure that an event runs smoothly, security is an absolute must. EXCELLENCE Security can provide support, offering optimal security during an event or congress.


We are specialised in retail, healthcare and object security. Event security is not part of our core business, but we can easily provide this service. Our main focus is on business events and congresses with VIP support.


EXCELLENCE Security offers a total solution for the security of your event
EXCELLENCE Security is experienced in the security of business events such as corporate parties, political congresses and events at educational institutions. For our event services too, the process starts with targeted advice. We advise all organisers to choose our total solution, whereby we harness people and modern technology to provide optimal security.


Our event security officers: hosts and hostesses
Events require a specific approach. EXCELLENCE Security supplies professional event security officers whose training and experience enables them to provide security for any event. We can also supply hosts or hostesses to welcome and direct the guests. These hosts and hostesses are service-oriented and used to providing that extra service. They also perform representative duties to support the technical tasks.


The presence of our event security officers acts as a deterrent and makes your guests and personnel feel that they are in good hands. If anything does happen, our officers are the first on the scene and will immediately get the situation under control. Based on their training in conflict management, they know exactly how to respond at that moment.


A solid security plan is a must
Particularly where events are concerned, it’s important to analyse all the risks in advance. Our security advisors will help you perform a good risk analysis and draw up a security plan which meets your requirements. Because the security of your visitors is your top priority.


In short, for a safe and manageable event, you choose EXCELLENCE Security.


Are you interested in what we can do for you? Are you looking for a professional partner who can resolve your security issues? If so, please contact us. Together we will explore the options for your event through a Security Scan.

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