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EXCELLENCE Security stands for security.
Your (sense of) security always has priority for EXCELLENCE Security. Our security professionals initially create a secure environment. But then we go a step further. Modern security also means creating a hospitable and good atmosphere. So: securing the environment from risks and danger whilst considering the people in that environment. Our security services are provided by qualified professionals who know the importance of a good working environment and your organisation’s reputation.


Guaranteeing security in shops, shopping centres, healthcare institutions and objects is our core activity. In these market segments, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise. In concrete terms, that means that we prevent loss and criminality, deter unwanted guests and support your personnel in their daily work. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.


Whether it concerns the security of people, buildings, goods or processes: every situation and client requires a unique approach and service. EXCELLENCE Security offers you specialised services or perhaps a total security solution. Together we analyse the situation, contribute ideas and provide you with the right people and modern techniques.


The security employees of EXCELLENCE Security
Security companies usually deploy their personnel in many different situations. We take a different approach. Every branch has its own security profile which requires expert knowledge. EXCELLENCE Security has a suitable solution for any type of security issue. For every branch, we provide security officers who are specially trained internally for a specific sector. Based on the segment profiles, we ensure a good match between your company and our employees. Our employees are obviously constantly updated about relevant developments in their and your field.


In short, EXCELLENCE Security offers more than just security.


Would you like to meet EXCELLENCE Security and our team of security experts? If so, contact us free of obligation. Together we will explore the options for your organisation through a Security Scan. It costs you nothing, but gives you a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

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