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Article 1 Definitions and scope
This regulation uses the following definitions:
1. the organisation: Excellence Security b.v.
2. the complainant: the party whose interest is directly involved in the conduct of the organisation;
3. conduct: the actions or failure to act of the organisation or its employees;
4. the accused: the organisation against whose conduct a letter of complaint has been submitted;
5. a letter of complaint: a written complaint against the conduct of the accused.


Article 2 Scope
This regulation applies to the handling of complaints about the conduct of Excellence Security b.v. and its employees.


Article 3 Lodging a complaint
1. A complainant or his/her representative may submit a complaint to the director of the organisation concerned.
2. A letter of complaint is signed and must contain the following details:
– the name and the address of the complainant;
– the date;
– a description of the conduct which is subject of the complaint;
– the grounds on which the complainant bases his/her complaint.
3. If the letter of complaint does not comply with the requirements described in the second paragraph of this Article, the director of the organisation will inform the complainant hereof and invite him/her to correct the omission within two weeks.
4. If the complainant fails to correct the omission, as referred to in the third paragraph of this Article, the complaint will not be handled.


Article 4 Submission term
Complaints must be submitted within six weeks of the date on which the incident which is subject of the complaint took place.


Article 5 Free handling
No costs are charged for handling a complaint.


Article 6 Confirmation of receipt
The director sends confirmation of receipt within two weeks of receiving the complaint.


Article 7 Verbal procedure
1. The director of the organisation investigates the complaint and may, if he or she considers it necessary, invite, the complainant for a personal interview.
2. The director hears the complainant and may also request information from third parties.


Article 8 Written procedure
1. If the complainant does not wish to be heard, the complaint will be handled in writing.
2. If the complaint does not comply with the requirements described in Article 3, the complaint will not be handled.


Article 9 Decision
The director makes his or her decision regarding the complaint within six weeks after receiving the complaint.


Article 10 Written decision
The decision relating to the complaint is sent to the complainant in writing

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